Harriet Brewing

Wachen Bock

German-Style Lager

Nothin’ fancy here… except our best effort in creating a traditional German bock bier. As always, Harriet spares no rigor in cultivating complex overt maltiness via decoction mashing. Just enough Hallertau hops are added to balance and allow the malt to shine. The aroma and flavor are abundant with toasty notes, affirming the presence of plenty of Munich and Vienna malts. Alcohol stays in the background, yet provides the warmth we all look for in that perfect hearty fall brew. We strive for a light caramel character by scorching the first running in the brew kettle and allowing for a long vigorous boil. Yep, some styles you just don’t mess with.

7.0% ABV – 20 IBU

2 Responses to Wachen Bock

  1. Mark says:

    When will you be brewing this again?

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