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Sundays Growlers are sold from 12p-8p!

Why growlers?
64-oz refillable glass jugs, unlike bottled beer that has been sitting on the shelf for an indefinite time, only contain the freshest beer. We fill your growler with beer directly from the tap, so you are able to have the best beer possible!

Stop in and check out all the styles !


Wooden Weizen
Divine Oculust
Sooner or Later
West Side


Barrel Aged Divine Oculust

When can I refill or buy my growler at Harriet Brewing?

Tuesday from 4-10pm
Wednesday from 4-10pm
Thursday from 4-10pm
Friday from 4-10pm
Saturday from 1-10pm

Where do I refill my growler now that the front is closed?
Please come around back to the Taproom for all growler refills and fills.

How long can I store my growler?
Growlers can be stored for a couple of weeks, and once opened are good for 24 hours.

Does the growler have to be labeled Harriet Brewing?
No, We will fill any clean legal 64 oz container with fresh craft Harriet beer.

Growlers: 64oz Glass Bottles.
Beer: $10-14 depending on style of beer.
Bottle: $5 purchase for Harriet Brewing labeled growler.

— NEW POLICY AS OF JULY 14th, 2014—

Harriet Brewing will now fill ANY growler!
Due to the new law, Harriet Brewing has opted to fill any 64oz legal growler. Our growler filling and exchange program has been updated to accommodate this change.

• As of July 14th, 2014, we will fill your growler on the spot from the taproom. Bring in ANY CLEAN legal 64 oz container and we will fill it with fresh craft Harriet beer.

As of July 14th, 2014, we will no longer be pre-filling Harriet growlers, but we will exchange your dirty Harriet growler for a clean one to be filled on the spot.

• As of October 1st, 2014, we will no longer accept growler returns or exchanges. If you happen to bring in a dirty Harriet growler, we can give you a clean 64oz growler for a $3 cleaning fee. Harriet Brewing growlers will now be available for purchase for $5.

• Before September 1st, 2014- We will refund $5 in exchange for any Harriet growler.
• September, 2014 - We will give you a free tap beer in exchange for any Harriet growler.
• October 1st, 2014 – We will no longer accept Harriet Brewing growler returns.

We Now Refill ANY Clean Growler ~ Cheers

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